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Accessories - Gaggia Accessories

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Gaggia / Saeco Aqua Prima filter

Softer water for a more robust coffee

With Aqua Prima the number of flavour-altering substances found in water are reduced, and any micro-particles and impurities are filtered. So you can enjoy the improved flavour and full aroma of your coffee. Suitable for all Saeco Incanto espresso machines.

Aqua Prima also reduces the formation of limescale in the machine so that it lasts even longer.

  • Capable of Filtering upto 60 litres of water
  • Simple to install

    Regular de-scaling is necessary even if you use filtered water.
    Filters only reduce scale build up.
    They do not totally eliminate scale

    Like any machinery or equipment it is vital to maintain the GAGGIA espresso machine to obtain long years of service and consistent performance. We recommend that the machine is de-scaled regularly using an acceptable descaler.

    De-scaling using GAGGIA Baby cleaner:

    Manual Machines
    Remove filter and plate with screw driver. Clear exit hole. Dissolve contents in 1 1/2 litres of water, pour it into the water tank and turn pump on for 20 secs. Wait 20 minutes and repeat. Wait 3 minutes. Flush through steam pipe. Repeat whole operation until solution is finished and no scale remains in water. Rinse tank with clean water.

    Automatic Machines
    Dissolve contents in 1 1/2 litres of water, pour it into the water tank and open the steam pipe knob to extract water through steam pipe. Once you have completed the de-scaling empty and rinse water tank before filling with fresh water. If the decalcify messsage appears after descaling keep the 'Esc' button pressed for 5 seconds to clear the message. De-scale every 2-3 months(monthly if you live in a very hard water area) as machine is not covered by guarantee for scaling.


  • 999 - OS: - GAGGIA DESCALER LIQUID 250ML £6.00

    GAGGIA DE-SCALER 250ml Bottle

    Lime-scale kills coffee machines – and damage by limescale is not covered by most manufacturers’ warranties, so take action now!

    This descaler from Gaggia is suitable for all Gaggia machines, and those with boilers or thermoblocks made from aluminium.

    We recommend you descale your machine every 3 months to prevent the build up of harmful limescale, which can damage your machine, and impair the taste of your coffee – need we say more?

    Accessories - Gaggia Accessories

    Gaggia We stock and sell the complete range of Gaggia Coffee Machines, Gaqgia Commercial Machines, Gaggia Espresso machines, Gaggia Coffee Machines and their new Cappuccino Machines like the Gaggia Cappuccino X Two
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