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Jura S9 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

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Jura S9 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Jura S9 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Jura S9 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Jura S9 One Touch Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
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With its top quality platinum look finish and modified design, this superb machine catches the spirit of the age, exuding class, lasting value and professionalism, underlining these qualities with every single cup of coffee produced for your enjoyment.

The Jura S9 One Touch coffee machine now delivers both cappuccino and latte macchiato at the touch of a button with no need to move the cup. Hot, foamy milk flowing into the cup and slowly filling it; steam rising up to provide a foretaste of the treat to come; the fabulous aroma of coffee sinking to the bottom of the cup, mixing with the milk and forcing the creamy topping up to the rim. Let there be no mistake, the preparation of a perfect cup of cappuccino is one of life's most sensual rituals and it is all horeographed by the striking, chrome plated pipes through which the delicious ingredients are guided into the cup.





Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System 
Originally developed for gastronomy, the system was optimized by JURA. The coffee powder is moistened before the actual brewing process starts. The quantity of pre-brew water is adjusted to the powder quantity automatically. The result: full aroma and a velvety crema.

Conical Grinding Gear
You can adjust the optimum grinding degree for your favourite coffee, thus you can enjoy the full aroma. The high precision conical grinding gear produces a heterogeneous mixture of fine powder and coarser particles.

Patented Brewing Unit
A revolutionary innovation: the variable brewing unit. Adjustable between 5-16 grams of coffee powder which ensures optimum pressure and brewing conditions with any quantity. Allows the preparation of 2 cups in just one brewing operation, which makes all IMPRESSA machines genuine 2-cup machines.

One Touch Cappuccino:
The new IMPRESSA S9 One Touch will thrill you with cappuccino or latte macchiato, prepared at the touch of a button, without you even having to move the cup.

Coffee à la carte:
The IMPRESSA S9 One Touch flatters the palate with coffee à la carte in all conceivable variations.

Height adjustable coffee spout:
Depending on whether you would like to enjoy a ristretto in a small cup or a latte macchiato in a glass, you can adjust the coffee spout from 66-146 mm.

Active bean monitoring:
Active bean monitoring puts an end to problems with grinders running empty. The filling level of the bean container is continuously monitored optically.

Cleaning this top of the line machine is every bit as easy as operating it. Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs guarantee spotless hygiene, all at the touch of a button.

Intelligent electronics:
State of the art technology enables you to make coffee precisely when and how you want it, tailored to the blend and roast of the coffee beans you use. The graphic display keeps you informed at all times about the progress of the coffee making process or the selected maintenance programme.


Product Code : 114236

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