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Articles >> Commercial Coffee Machines – The coffee culture buzz

Commercial Coffee Machines – The coffee culture buzz

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Britain was built on tea, but in the past decade, commercial coffee machines have changed our passion for tearooms to one for coffee houses. In fact a commercial coffee machine seems to be on every corner – in every café, bar and restaurant. Consumers expect nothing less than a perfectly brewed espresso or mocha to be a matter of minutes away, whether it’s for a welcome break during a shopping trip or a much-needed caffeine shot on the way to work.


Commercial coffee machines revolutionized cafes


Our love of coffee means commercial coffee machines are crucial for any catering outfit. The coffee appeal has to be down to the caffeine buzz a good cup of espresso provides. Commercial coffee machines are generating thousands of cups a day. Some people swear by coffee as a necessary trigger to get their creative juices flowing. Pop into any mainstream coffee shop, and you’ll find people writing their novels on laptops accompanied with a customary cappuccino.


Coffee houses – a lifestyle staple


So why have commercial coffee machines and mainstream coffee houses become such a staple in our lives? Caffeine is known for its boosting qualities – the high or buzz that can help lift moods, spirits and thought. Health journalists have waxed lyrical about the ups and downs of the drink and how commercial coffee machines impact on our well being. Caffeine has had some bad press, but new stories in the media suggest that maybe we should in fact be drinking even more than we already do.


Commercial coffee machines offer rich returns


Commercial coffee machines spawned a raft of rumours that caffeine was vaguely bad for our health. But then newspaper stories emerged claiming that in fact commercial coffee machines could be a good thing for the nation’s health. Reports have suggested coffee can reduce cancer risks and other fatal diseases; that it offers important antioxidants. Health aside, the UK has clearly taken coffee to its taste buds. Commercial coffee machines have spawned mini coffee empires; in London, places such as the Monmouth Coffee company on Covent Garden can expect to sell around 11,000 plus drinks a week. Alongside the countless cappuccinos commercial coffee machines provide, coffee supplies such as beans and coffee accessories also provide rich pickings.


Commercial coffee machines: available from Coffee Xclusive

Coffee Xclusive supplies a wide range of top-quality coffee machines for use in the home, the office, or for commercial purposes. We also provide coffee beans, pods and capsules along with all the accessories you need. To find out more, or to order online,


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