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Articles >> An Overview Of A Slush Machine

An Overview Of A Slush Machine

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Slushies are drinks made with flavoured pulverized ice. The key distinction between a slushie and other frozen drinks is that the ice never freezes into cubes or blocks, it remains as tiny icy crystals. Whilst most domestic slush machine s require users to insert ice cubes into the machine to be smashed, shaved or crushed, a commercial machine uses water (and slush syrup) to create the icy slush from scratch.

Small domestic slush machine s have nowhere near the same freezing capabilities of the commercial model. Crushed ice must be inserted to make home drinks, which do not have the same icy consistency as the shop bought drinks. Water and slush syrup is placed into the machine and it is turned on to churn. 30-60 minutes are required to make the basic slush, depending on the size and specifications of the model.

Most modern commercial slushie machines are enclosed in a metal cabinet. Other models store the icy drink in a glass or plastic container attached to the top of the freezing unit. These are usually dispensed by employees and receive less abuse than the metal models. The machine includes a compressor and a sealed cooling cylinder. Slight amounts of moist slush accumulate on the side of the cylinder, and the agitator removes it so additional slush may be made. Machines that offer two flavours have double the components. The ice drink mixture is continually circulated in the storage area, either by a circular auger or plastic mixing paddles, to retain the texture of the ice mixture at a temperature that does not allow additional freezing or melting. Outside temperature and humidity influence the machine performance. While fresh slush is recommended every day, some establishments retain the original mixture for several days and keep the machine in operation through the closed hours.

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